The Sluggy Freelance Tenth Anniversary Celebratory Montage
Content presented thanks to the fans of Sluggy Freelance.
(but you probably knew that)






Happy 10th, and be sure to send me a piece of anniversary cake. 
Unless it was baked by Aylee, in which case it's bound to have some human in it!

Excelsior! Ian

PETE ADDS: I've added a Bonus Comic!



PETE'S INTRODUCTORY BABBLE: And now on with the show! OK it's not really a show but a bunch of art photos and thoughts from friends and fans a-like. It was a great idea my wife Rachel had, to have you guys to send me stuff, where I stitch it together and give it back to you. Because it makes you part of the celebration! Plus it limits my work to stitch-work and she thinks I work too much. And hey, I'm still running behind ;)

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and I apologize ahead of time to people who I will inevitably miss, but I'm working on laying out every single submission that I can. And while you're waiting for more Celebratory montage pages to appear each day, the Wayback machine is a great way to remember the different ways the site has looked over the years and holds some fond memories like when you, the sluggites, raised thousands of dollars for Camp Heartland.

You all rock. Happy tenth!

There came a bunny...  

Once upon a time I was just minding my own damned business when some 'friend' sent me a cartoon and a link. Bastard. I laughed at the cartoon, hit the link and...  

Two weeks LATER, having gotten precisely no work done (and I was under deadline, damnit) I found myself hitting my mouse button like a rat hooked on cocaine, trying to get another comic to come up. But I had to wait A WHOLE DAY!  

This was my introduction to the wacky, crazy, sad, happy, pathos-ridden, ecstatic, convoluted and yet brutally simple world of Sluggy Freelance. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.  

Since the inventor of that madcap world was going to be at DragonCon that year, I actually went. Thus Pete Abrams, and by extension the person who sent me the comic (who has since been taken care of, thank you) is responsible for me being a regular guest at DragonCon. There are many people who would like to dig up that person's grave and kill them again. But I digress. I gave Pete a book and probably came across as some sort of ridiculous fanboy. Fortunately, through the years we've gotten over that moment. Something about including Sluggy references in about seven books so far. (Okay, so some of them were extremely subtle. But the giant tank named Bun-Bun was not.)  

My only problem with Sluggy is the one that any creator gets very tired of hearing. But just this once I must say it. My very bones shake at the thought that for once I'm going to throw this at someone else. I apologize in advance but...  

Pete. Write faster! :)  

John Ringo

hey got a couple pics of bun bun and kiki in iraq thought you might like to see what your fans like to do in their spare time.  Love you comic I read it every day.

Bun Bun on a .50 cal machine gun in Iraq  and KIKI driving a gun truck in Iraq

SGT Dave A

First, what everybody was dreading. A LOLBUN-BUN:

I took that pic with my cell phone so there are no copyright issues.

PETE ADDS: Oh there is copyright issues, 'cause I swiped your photo and used it in the comic above! Oh snap! :)

The other one is some ZoŽ fan art. She's my favorite character! But she's also a cold-blooded criminal. :D

Happy 10th Anniversary, Pete!




Pete, you are the end-all king of nifty. Sluggy Freelance has been my favorite comic for the last 10 years, and although I know you have a finite plot in mind, I can't help but hope for 10 more. Thank you for everything!

Jeremy S.
Defender of the Nifty

Sluggy was the first pure webcomic I read, so you can argue that everything I've done since is all Pete Abrams' fault. It's a delicious Brunswick stew of pop-culture parodies, wry self-aware gimmicks and original, grounded characterization.
T Campbell


Here's a drawing! Happy tenth!
-Clay Yount



 Congratulations on the anniversary, and your newest addition!