The Sluggy Freelance Tenth Anniversary Celebratory Montage




Hi from Iraq!
thought you might want to know that some Defenders of the Nifty are out here defending other things as well. I donít know if you are interested or not by I have named by HMMVE (Hummer) after the Bloody Bun.

Thanks for producing such a quality comic for so many years. I first got turned on to Sluggy after reading John Ringoís book and have not looked back. I am slowly winning you more fans also as I explain to everyone who asks about the Bloody Bun.

Keep up the good work.




On February 26, 2002, David L. Watkins wrote:
"And when the Sluggites saw that the shirts were good to wear, and that they were pleasant to the eyes, and a garment to be desired to make one nifty, they did look upon the Stick Figures, and said that they were good; but in doing this they sinned, for they lied.

And the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they took the T shirts, and clad themselves in them, though the man was sore disappointed, for the woman was comely to look upon and looked like ZoŽ.

And they heard the voice of THE ARTIST walking in the garden in the cool of the day, saying "BEER! BEER!": and the Sluggites hid themselves from the presence of THE ARTIST amongst the trees of the garden.

And THE ARTIST called unto the Sluggites, and said unto them, "Wherefore hide ye?"

And they said, "We heard thy voice in the garden, and we were afraid, because we had looked upon the Stick Figures; and we feared thou wert Tom and hadst more for us to look upon."

And He said, "Who gave thee those T shirts? Hast thou looked upon the Stick Figures, whereupon I commanded ye that you shouldest not look?"

And the male Sluggite said, "Don't look at me; it was her idea." And the woman gave him a dirty look, for he lied again.

And THE ARTIST said unto the woman, "What is this that thou hast done?" And the woman said, "Tom beguiled me, and offered me a Dream Fighter T shirt, and I did look." And then she muttered under her breath to the man, "Thou owest me big time."

And THE ARTIST said unto Tom, "Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all PETA people, and above even Dr. Laura; upon thy Stick Figure legs shalt thou go, and no beer shalt thou drink all the days of thy life:

"And I will put enmity between thee and art; never shalt thou be able to draw, for thou wilt slaughter it every time thou attemptest it."

Unto the woman He said, "If thou wilt let me sign thy belly, all will be forgiven." And the woman rolled her eyes, and let THE ARTIST sign her belly, an activity in which He exhibited childlike joy.

And unto the man He said, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of this cute woman, and hast looked upon the Stick Figures, of which I commanded thee, saying, 'Thou shalt not look upon it': cursed is the Web for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou wait for updates every night at midnight;

"Spam also and pop up windows shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt have only a dial up connection;

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou come up with crazy theories, till I choose to reveal the Truth, for I am cruel, and enjoy taunting you with only part of it: and I'm going on vacation now for a year, for thou hast royally pissed Me off."

And the man called his wife's name ZoŽ, because she looked much like her; but the woman again rolled her eyes.

Unto the man also and to the woman did THE ARTIST make Quatrix shirts, and clothed them.

And now THE ARTIST said, "Behold, thou hast been naugty in My sight, so now must thou leave; for I wish to play DoA3."

Therefore THE ARTIST sent them forth from the garden, to surf the Web until the next update.

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden little cherubim without wings, and a flaming laser cannon, which turned every way, to keep the way of the Art of Life.

And the man would know ZoŽ his wife; but she said, "I have a headache, and thou hast gotten us in trouble again, and moreover lied to THE ARTIST;" and the man was sore disappointed, and went to surf the Web for porn.

(I'm going to hell for this, you know. I hope you're all happy.) "

This one time, at band camp...

One day, years ago while I was playing an online rpg, someone mentioned something about how the then-current Sluggy Freelance story line mirrored what was going on in game at the time. I innocently asked what the heck was Sluggy? I was given a link and got immediately hooked. I'd never read a web comic before, and it just seemed like such an amazing idea! I fell in at about the first Kitten and found it so strange, so absolutely crazy and funny that I became a regular reader and fan. The next year I went to Dragon Con and I was very excited because Pete Abrams was going to be there that year, and I wanted to meet him. My then boyfriend and I found him and I was so freaking excited to meet Pete, that I was probably fan girly...maybe. Was I, Pete?


When I introduced myself, Pete asked me what I did. At the time, I was still a broadcaster and was a traffic anchor for a few stations in New York. All of a sudden, HE was all acting like I was a celebrity and excited that he was meeting ME. Talk about role reversal! I never thought of myself that way, and it was very confusing. Shame on you, Pete. I'm easily confused! Don't confuse the Gloria! No fan boying me. It makes me nervous.


Little did I know what the hell I'd begun there. We kept in touch, we emailed a few times, called and chatted, I got invited to some get-togethers and before I knew it, I was hanging out with the family, meeting Rachel and Leah (Wow she was tiny! And spunky! And hyper! Oh, wait, she's still everything but tiny) and drinking tequila with Pete and Joe. We did a lot of the drinking, a lot of the playing games, making dinners, chilling with the family and sharing hango...I mean, cups of coffee over bright, cheery, perfectly healthy and definitely not hungover conversation!

I figured out that we'd become really good friends the one year Pete asked me to play Basphomy for a Halloween Party. I had no idea what I had said yes to. Weeks later, I'm standing in Pete's den, in a black body stocking thing. Pete had to paint the costume while it was on me in order to have it look right. If you look at Basphomy, you may notice where the "bones" on her are. Yeah. Rachel thought it was absolutely hilarious. She laughed at us. A lot. We both looked about as comfortable as someone having a prostate exam in the middle of Times Square at noon. Joe laughed himself stupid and just held my drink out for me when I needed it. Joe's only saving grace that night was his quickness with the drinks. It wasn't as funny when the paint dried and we found out the paint had stuck to me. It was kind of like taking off 50 little bandaids...everywhere. Ouchies. The suit took about 3 hours, and the whole costume, makeup included, took another 2 or so. That was one uncomfortable costume, but damn if it didn't look great! Pete may not look it, but he's pretty handy with the makeup. Being Basphomy sounds like a fan girl's (and boy') dream, (and I did have fun here and there) but I stayed in character per request the whole party. Ever been to a party where no one will talk to you? Did I say just how good of job Pete did with the costume? It was all good, though. He had a bottle of tequila for me at the after party. That's when I knew we were good friends. Okay, okay, it wasn't the booze. It was the limes. You know someone loves you when they get the limes, too.

Sluggy is still amazing, still surprises me and still makes me laugh so hard I spray whatever I'm drinking all over the place. (I've gotten better, really!) And I (me!) get to be a small part of it. I've made a few friends through Pete I'd never have met, (all those darn web comic authors and all those bottles of tequila and just not enough convention time!) I've gotten to some great conventions and gotten to play cat-herder, bodyguard and drinking buddy, sometimes all at once! I've modeled shirts for Pete, been the kick-off Belly Girl at many a convention, the doodle board for everyone at Comic Con last year, and the author of the occasional prank. (pink Choo-Choo Bear shirt with Randy, Pete?) But more than just Sluggy, I've made some amazing friends that I love and love to spend time with. I got Pete, Rachel, Leah and now Sarah and THAT'S nifty.

-- Gloria aka Tequila Mockingbird




I am the average sluggite.


I discovered the niftyness that is Sluggy in 2001, during the Spring Break storyline.

After going through your archives in a matter of days, I thought for sure it couldn't get any better... but it did. Constantly and consistantly. Every new story is better than the last. And it's very satisfying. Extremely so. I've been reading daily ever since.

As an author and a huge fan of webcomics, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Sluggy Freelance and its creator Pete Abrams.

Sluggy enables me to jump into its vast (and growing)universe for a few minutes a day: just long enough to get my dose of epic and funny before I go about my work. Each new strip makes the Sluggyverse a bit bigger and a bit more interesting. Pete, your work is very important. Not everyone can sit and read everyday. Can you imagine reading one page a day in a Tolkien book or a Harry Potter book for years and years? The story would be extremely hard to follow. Yet on Sluggy Freelance, that's what we get to do - and the plot never gets too convoluted. It never takes too long to know where you're going, and your character development is nothing short of breathtaking.

Sir, you are an inspiration. Thank you. Sluggy can celebrate a very proud 10 years, since they are years of hard work, integrity and quality storytelling.

Thank you.



-Mike Scandizzo, Castaway Entertainment.

PETE REMINISCES: Mike's filled in as guest artist/writer a week or two and has had two bloody cameos in the strip!

In response to the recent news that it will soon be the 10th anniversary of Sluggy Freelance, I decided I would share my first experience with your web comic.  Prior to this, I had little to know experience with web comics except for such gamer-oriented things like Penny-arcade and VGcats.  Both are entertaining comics in their own way.  Then, last year, a friend of mine in the dorm I was staying in introduced me to Sluggy.  At first, I was marginally entertained.  In was fun, simple, and comically interesting.  Then I began getting into it.  I don't believe I've ever been so engrossed in a story.  The previous eight years of comics were read in three days.  Every comic, every filler, and every plot point were thoroughly added to my personal favorites of stories.  Since then, I have been a daily viewer; regularly making a point to check the post after midnight before bed.  I have no words for how much I appreciate a story of this magnitude.  As an Creative Writing major at my university, I like to think that I'm able to appreciate such things.  And your work is brilliant.  Simple obscurities that play a minuscule part of Sluggy still take hold.  That is something that is indefinably hard to do.  I congratulate you.  I hope that the next ten years (if your story is meant to last that long) are just a brilliant.  Happy Birthday.


                              Stephen J


Hi Pete!

Remember the symphony-type tribute to Oceans Unmoving I sent you a few months ago? Well, I've polished it up a bit, and this version doesn't go snap-crackle pop when you play it.


Also, I drew Bun-bun in my style:


Congratulations and happy Tenth of Anniversary!

Sincerely, Cameron Nielsen



Dear Pete!

I must have started reading Sluggy around the Slug files back in the day (word g!) and I can't say how much this comic means to me personally.  Most of my adult life I've spent reading Sluggy, in fact it feels like yesterday spending a whole afternoon/evening just catching up to current when I first started reading.  I've watched your artwork progress exponentially and have become emotionally involved within the characters through all the my favorite storylines (Fire and Rain was great btw!).  I remember reading the storyline for That Which Redeems and at the point of alternate Zoe's death, a surge of raw pain and emotion welled within me (yes I cried).  Torg has become my hero over the years.  My father and I constantly exchange terrible puns as sort of a ritual badgering and you have definitely given me an edge (thanks Pete!).  The good-natured yet constantly tested nature of Torg shows that despite incredible odds and pain, he can still either look past (or bury) his pain and suffering to provide his friends with a cheery smile.  Especially in this new chapter with Aylee, Torg has been given a difficult choice whether to abandon his friend or to leave her to her fate.  I'm practically drooling for more storyline!  It never seems to be enough.  Torg also serves as a guideline even for myself, in a way.  To always present a positive outlook within unnatural and insane situations takes great patience and discipline, an aspect of Torg not normally associated to him (perhaps on purpose?).  It is my belief that an artist can only present to the world that within and around himself/herself, so in essence, I imagine you must be (personality-wise) a mix of all the your portrayed characters.  You must have some nuttiness within you since your world is a crotch =).  I also think you have some darkness within you, which serves only to contrast the light you brightly shine to others around you.  Anyway, I'll stop here since pouring my feelings out to an email that possibly will never reach you is not as touching as one would think. 

Thanks for being nifty Pete, I really appreciate it,

Jonathan P

Sluggy-induced lower GPA:

I had to take an "introduction to networking" class a few semesters ago that was incredibly boring, but also parked me in front of a computer for the whole class.  Since I had been without Sluggy for a while, I decided to catch up in class one day.

I got up to the iPodling arc and every comic in it made me laugh, even though I was trying my hardest to be quiet.  The result was my professor thinking I was coughing and several times he asked if I was okay.  When I got up to the point where it plays the Macarena, I actually had to hold my sides to keep from snorting out loud.

The professor came to check on me so I had to quickly close the window, he thought I was having stomach cramps and dismissed me to the Student Health Center.  Still giggly over the whole story arc, I went to the library and caught up the rest of the way.


Hey there.

Rather than dropping my GPA Sluggy actually helped me get into, and subsequently through Medicine.

Somewhere in the halfway point of Sluggy's life to this point I had to sit this massive 8 hour long exam, followed by a panel interview to get into Medicine.  Sluggy was the only thing that kept me sane.  I can clearly remember the night before it all started, when I was stressed out of my mind, I sat down with my old desktop computer and Sluggy and made my way through the archives.  Ahh... the relief... the incredible relief! 

My mother who'd travelled down to support me through this trial wondered at the sudden merriment and bursting with concern rushed into my room.  She ended up spending the next hour or so reading over my shoulder and chuckling away.

With the relaxed, and therefore confident, outlook I made it through with flying colours.  I'm now a practising doctor on the glorious Gold Coast.

Thank you Sluggy - you're the secret of my success!


About a year ago I showed my daughter a Sluggy strip that particularly amused me one day. It was a strip with Kiki and knowing how much my daughter likes ferrets, I thought she would be amused also.

"What's this?" She asked me.

"It's a comic strip I found not too long ago.  It's pretty funny.  Took me forever to catch up on it, too."

"There's a lot of them? This guy hasn't just dropped the strip?"

"Yes, there's a lot.  Years and years worth and so far he looks like he's still going strong."

She bent over to look at the strip I had wanted to show her and she smiled.  She pulled my lap top around to face her and asked if she could look at a few more strips.  Always eager to share my happy finds I said, "Sure."

I didn't get my lap top back for hours.  She is now a dedicated daily reader, too.


The year was 2006, during the annual Balticon convention.  There were five of us in the hotel room, all enjoying our own pizzas (555 deal ftw), and of course, playing Get Nifty.  Somewhere, somehow, the game got a little out of hand, and a few house rules were developed all involving a card we had given the name of Tyrone.  << I'm not sure which card it is, as the one who actually owns the game was unable to make the Balticon this year* and my memory of the card is vague, but it eventually ended up that once it was played, the game was over.

Because of this night, the game has held a very special place in our hearts, and we will forever be associating it with the con. >> Whenever someone gets bored now, the first thing out of our mouths tends to be " you want to go back to the room and Get Nifty?", causing anyone who was there to grin at the memory.

Dunno if one focused on Get Nifty counts for the stories you're looking for, but I couldn't help submitting it just in case. :) Happy 10th Anniversary!


*Due to the lack of this person, we scoured the Dealer's Room this year for a worthy replacement...and sadly, came up empty handed.  The Niftiness will be continuing next year, however.


Way back in the year 2000, I was living more of my life on the internet than in the real world.

That summer, as I hovered between highschool and college, I barely left my room, spending hours upon hours (upon hours) glued to my computer, chatting and messaging, gaming and... gaming.

And this was before I'd even discovered webcomics.

Sluggy was my first webcomic, introduced by a very nice internet person I met through my online roleplaying. I came in during the KITTEN storyline, and read the entire archives up to that point in one evening.

Flash forward to early 2001. I'm active in my college's geek club, running honest-to-god tabletop games and getting appointed vice-president for the following year. More importantly, I have a girlfriend, who I gave (as a very, very late birthday present) the old poinging Kiki shirt.

I'm now engaged to that young lady, and working on my master's degree, and still running tabletop games, and still reading Sluggy.

Not really a very well-constructed message, but I figured I'd toss my appreciation on the pile of praise which fuels the furnace of your ego.