The Sluggy Freelance Tenth Anniversary Celebratory Montage




Sluggy: The Freelancing

To Pete, who entertains us daily and without fail.

The Result of almost a year's hard work on the behalf of myself and fellow Sluggy-Speculator extraordinaire Mao, I am honored to present, on the occasion of ten years of nifty darn comics, our work of Sluggite Devotion, a (not-so-)little project we like to call Sluggy: The Freelancing.

Being followers of the Magic: The Gathering card game in addition to being dedicated Sluggites, the path was clear to us. We devoted ourselves to taking the entire run of Sluggy Freelance, and creating a set of Magic: The Gathering cards based upon it. To our quick realization though, there is no way we could possibly contain the sheer Niftiness of Sluggy into one simple set. While most would be deterred by this, we gathered our courage, and, like BunBun on the set of Baywatch, did what had to be done.

Using only the first two Sluggy books, we created a base set of 380 cards. This set has been properly balanced with respect to rarity, color and type distribution, and overall power to the best of our (or rather, Mao's) rather extensive abilities. Complete with Art and Flavor text taken straight from the strips, and play tested for both limited and constructed play, this base set is still just the beginning.

In the coming months we plan to dive once more into the archives to bring about expansions to this base set, drawing a complete and coherent set for each of Sluggy's books. One day, we hope to actually be caught up with the live strip, but, as we're being realistic about that, we don’t see it happening anytime soon.

We understand, of course, that 380 cards would probably be a little much for any kind of showcase, which is why we have compiled a list of 12 cards covering, in addition to the 7 characters that everyone expects to see (including Oasis, who is technically from our second expansion and not the base set) 5 cards which we feel represent the quality (both in terms of mechanic and flavor) of this set, one from each card type. This preview also includes an explanation of the new override mechanic, which we have introduced to allow for evolving and dynamic characters within the ridged MtG system.

OVERRIDE MECHANIC: "When a card with Override -name- comes into play it checks if there is another permanent with the same override -name- in play. If there is, that permanent's controller removes that permanent from the game"

We’re quite proud of what we’ve accomplished. From the way in which we covered the Lysinda circle’s powers to the ease with which we’ve allowed minions to be sacrificed for short term gain, we feel we’ve managed to combine The Nifty that is Sluggy with the collectable card game that is Magic: The Gathering in such a way as to hold true to the best parts of both.

Congratulations on so many years of outstanding success. Your consistent excellence is a lighthouse in the storm to many of us, and I’m sure we’re all rooting for you.

To ten more years of nifty darn comics! Cheers!




Hi Pete,

I've been a Sluggy reader since I discovered the comic through John Ringo's "Hell's Faire". I just thought you might enjoy knowing that in the year I spent as a convoy escort in Iraq, my truck's call sign was "Bun-bun" every single mission I could get away with it. I also tried to convert as many troops as I could into Sluggites. I know I was successful with a few. Thanks for keeping my downtime between missions entertaining.

SGT Chris "Ski" Romanoski

I didn't start reading the comic until late '98 or early '99, but quickly went through the archives, and have stayed up to date since. Sluggy has become an almost daily routine for me. It was the first webcomic I ever got into, and the only one to so fully hook me that I cant stay away. I dont think you truely appreciate how much of an impact you've had on your fans, and we love you for it all.

Just as a final note, i've been asking Santa to bring me a plush Bun Bun doll since thier introduction, but oddly enough, he keeps refusing... Guess I'll have to break down and buy my own when I get a chance...


Hi Pete!

I'm just writing because I wanted to share my Sluggy story with you.

When I first found this comic back in 2001, I had a lot of catching up to do. But I was hooked when I saw Kiki. I fell in love with those big blue absent eyes. I knew I had to have a ferret just like that. So I went to the store the next day and looked at all the fuzzies. I reached my hand in to say hello and was greeted by many nips and noses. Then suddenly I was poinged by a frisky lil guy. I knew right away that he was my Kiki! And even though it was a boy ferret, I had to have him. We left after getting a cage and some ferret gear.

Kiki and I had the best times together. We went to the mall and the store, and out to eat. He was such a good boy, the only place that ever kicked us out was Burger King. And that was after someone's mom complained -.-;; Anyway, we had about 2 great years together before he was called back to that great big hidey hole in the sky. My lil guy died young, but he wasn't suffering. He was always kind of weak. We took him to the vet and they found he had adrenal disease. The only option was surgery. Sadly, he didn't make it through the anesthesia. It was a sad, sad day. But reading about all of Kiki's antics on here helped me get through it. I know he's up in ferret heaven, with a stolen pair of keys right now, giggling and waiting for me.

Thanks a lot for making this comic, Pete. You're the best!

Your loyal fan,


Spam Satan!

With two words, I was hooked. My friend introduced me to the site and, being the "I have to see everything from the beginning" type person, I warped waaaaaay back to the beginning and started reading.

And laughing.

And crying. But don't print that.


Since that fabled day when devils and angels instigated a death match on Riff's computer, Sluggy has always been a source of enjoyment for me. Through three jobs, lots of friends and several relationships, Sluggy was my daily ritual. My bread and butter. Check work-related email? Nah. Start projects since it's quiet at 7am? Meh. Write that novel that's been running around in my head? Bah.

Must read Sluggy.

Here's to many more happy years!


Pete, I started reading Sluggy Freelance in 1998 as I began a fall morning shift as operator of the University of Florida's Bryan Hall Computer Lab. The previous operator had left your comic up on the screen and I was hooked immediately. While I can't remember the exact comic I saw first I do remember that I spent the rest of my downtime for the next few weeks reading through the archives all the way back to August 25, 1997 and laughing at the Spam Satan joke :)

That was then, and now the Bryan Hall Computer Lab has since closed (nothing to do with me reading Sluggy instead of working!), and I graduated, got married and moved cross country- yet Sluggy has remained a constant in my life as part of my daily routine. It's been a wonderful gift to watch it grow and become more and more amazing each year.

I am very much looking forward to the future of this fantastic story that you've created, but I'm looking forward even more to sharing it with my baby daughter when she becomes old enough to appreciate it- which should be anytime now, she's 10 months old- seems to me like the target audience for your kind of humor ;)

So Pete I wanted to thank you for being there for the last 9 years for me, plus the extra one I caught up on. Thank you for making me smile, cry, laugh and especially thank you for the times where you left me staring at the screen slack-jawed, overcome with chills, trying to recover from the bombs your story just dropped.

But now I must adieu, and I leave you with this: My daughter's name? Sasha.

Thanks for everything Pete,


Pete (and all sluggy readers),

with the 10th anniversary of Sluggy Freelance comming up, I thought it would be a good time to tell you how I overcame my addiction to Sluggy. Firstly I should thank John Ringo, who introduced me to the sluggyverse with his Legacy of the Alldenata series. After reading about a170 ft tall, 7,000 ton cannon named after a rabbit (with a flick knife) I used up about a months internet useage in a week reading the back stories and becoming hooked. Since then I have visited almost every day and am now a full Defender of the Nifty. Thank you Pete for Sluggy, it is a staple of my daly life now.

Three cheers for Pete,

and a bottle of Rum for me (and Tequila for Pete),

The 10th anniversary of Sluggy Freelance has come,

and Kiki needs to pee.


Brisbane, Australia.

Hi. I'm a very new Sluggite, so recently I made the exciting adventure through the nearly ten years of Sluggy Freelance comics in the archive.  This is a parody of something that happened because of that adventure:

I was in a mysterious white box, and lo! Torg appears and starts talking to me about his relationship issues with Zoe.  Then Bun-Bun bounces up and says, "Stop annoying my girlfriend nerd-boy! Hey, baby, I know a place that makes great alfalfa margaritas.  How 'bout you and me go get some?"  "Both of you get out of my head now!" I yell.  And then I wake up.

"Okay," I tell myself, "No Sluggy right before bed anymore," but the next night, I'm still there reading through the archives.  Once again I dream...

I'm sitting at Crystal's bar, and Riff is there with Kiki.  Kiki says, "Ooooooh! Pretty earrings!  I wanna play!"  She leaps for my ear, and I wake up with a jolt.  For some reason my ear hurts.

Well, maybe it didn't actually happen like that, but I did dream about Sluggy Freelance two nights in a row.  I can't really remember the dreams, so who knows what really happened in them...


I saw something the other day that reminded me of S.F. (the comic, not the city by the bay)

I was driving past a gas station that had gone out of business; all boarded up and abandoned. What caught my eye was the marquis sign. It was one of the kind you can slide the letters onto to change the message etc.

It read:"TEMPORALY CLOSED" And I thought "Gosh, that sucks for people trying to get to another dimension. Doesn't it?"

I thought it was so hilarious, I went back and took a picture of it with my camera.

I know, the word "temporaly" should probably have one more "l". I still think it's funny.

And it made me think about Dr. Schlock selling Riff's plans for the flux agitator to HeretiCorp. And what if they started making "gas stations" except instead of gas, they sold dimensional transport, like a new resource. So then, if they could no longer provide dimensional gateways. They would post a sign that said:"TEMPORALY CLOSED" (They would, of course, forget to include the second "l".)

So thanks for all the great comics!


P.S. I think it's extremely nifty that you have a character named Daedalus.